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ADU Contractor Los Angeles, ADU Construction Basic Guide

ADU Contractor Los Angeles will create your ADU just like the way you want it built. Building it is made easier with our team of experts who will take care of everything, from pre-building compliance of permits, construction proper and after build service. What exactly is an ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs is a legitimate and regulatory term about a secondary house, an apartment within the lot of a bigger, primary house. It is a tiny, free and detached residential dwelling unit. It is called by many names like granny flats, secondary apartments, accessory suites, and more. ADUs are self-sufficient and can be up for rentals; that is why it has its kitchen with sink, toilet and shower set, living room, and has its entrance and parking area too.

Why Build an ADU?

1. ADU increases the value of your property.

  • A study called “The Appraisal Journal titled Understanding and Appraising Properties with Accessory Dwelling Units said that ADUs present 25% to 34%  of the property’s value.

2. ADU is a good investment.

  • If put up for rental, it can generate monthly income.
  • You can sell it separately.

3. ADU Tax Benefits

  • When ADU is registered as a Limited Liability Company or LLC.

4. Many ADU Designs are available to choose from. Note the details and preferences in coming up with the decision.

  • Know how big you want it to be.
  • Where and what part of the lot it will be constructed
  • Identify critical areas and designs to build, given the dimension.
  • Color and motif to apply.
  • Know who will be using it. A family member? Or put it up for rental?
  • Your budget

5. Guidance and information about the ADU building are within your reach.

6. Keep closer to a family dependent; provides comfortable abode for dependent children or take care of an elderly.

7. A reliable ADU Contractor Los Angeles is ready to serve you.

Why hire ADU Contractor Los Angeles?

  1. We have years of expertise in the building industry. Our contractor and the team have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to edge over other companies.
  2. We are a fully licensed team and our company with insurance, setting that extra line of protection and assurance for you and our workers.
  3. We can custom-tailor it according to your personal preference. We consult you and take note of the look you want. We will plan according to your set budget and come up with worthwhile options.
  4. We have a broad selection of clever designs. You can choose from the unique layouts available. The plans are made sure to have the essentials for comfortable living.
  5. We build fast and quickly. A time frame will be set and diligently followed in the course of finishing the project.
  6. We set up a complete electrical and plumbing system making it a sustainable place to live in.
  7. We only use top-of-the-line and quality materials to guarantee a satisfactory result.
  8. We can assist in the pre-construction matters, paperwork, permits, and others.
  9. We extend our service even after the completion of the project. Our clients enjoy excellent after-sales service. Exclusive labor warranties are offered to our dear customers.

What are you waiting for? Create your ADU now! May it be for added income reasons, tax benefits, or simply providing a space for a dependent and keeping family close. Whatever the reasons are, ADU Contractor Los Angeles is just here to help you achieve the functional ADU project that will meet your taste, needs, and creative styles. Your visions will help you realize. We offer free design consultation.

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