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Flooring Los Angeles

List of Flooring Types

Flooring should be strong and stable enough to hold up the loads placed on it. Flooring also plays a significant aesthetic role; it could light up the room or dampen the general ambiance depending on the type and condition of the flooring.

Take a glimpse of these Flooring Los Angeles types & lists that can come in handy as you weigh your flooring options for your home or project.

Hardwood Flooring is made from a single slab of hardwood. Commonly from trees of oak, cherry, and walnut. All hardwood floors are hard, although the level of hardness varies according to the wood type. Wood flooring can be:

  • pre-finished wood – finish already applied
  • unfinished hardwood – needs sanding

Engineered Wood is a less expensive choice compared to solid hardwood. Multiple layers of ply plank are combined and topped with a layer of authentic hardwood.

Bamboo Flooring is one of the sustainable options and is regarded as environmentally friendly.

Laminate Flooring looks like hardwood but at a lower cost. The technology in making the laminate floor is the same as that of engineered wood. The difference is that laminate floors do not have a single top layer of genuine hardwood.

Linoleum Flooring comes from biodegradable and renewable materials and is categorized as an eco-friendly choice.

Cork Flooring is another environmentally friendly option. The floors are made from tree bark; no tree cutting is involved. The bark of the trees regenerates every eight to ten years.

Ceramic Tile Floorings is a versatile choice in terms of color, texture, sizes, and shapes. It offers varied options that can fit and complement any part of the home or building. Know some types of tiles:

  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Quarry Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Terracotta Tile

Carpet Flooring is another common and versatile option. It can come in broad choices of colors and textures. The more fiber a carpet has, the more durable it is. Here are carpet flooring and carpet tiles types based on the nature of the material:

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene

Stone flooring gives that luxurious look with high-quality properties and the most expensive flooring line up, made from stones like marble, granite, limestone, and more. The hardness depends on the type of stone used. Granite and Marble are the hardest.

Vinyl Floorings is very resilient, durable, and maintenance-free. Vinyl tiles are made by fastening the top wear layer to a felt and foam layer.

Polished Concrete Flooring is an emerging new trend nowadays. Concrete is highly durable, aesthetically can be improved by adding colors or stains of choice before polishing.

These different types of flooring have specific qualities that can be perfect and fitting for certain areas of your homes and properties. There will be a type to match your budget and requirement. In choosing your flooring, these are crucial concerns to check: durability, how to install, how to clean and maintain, price, and your budget.

Going through a flooring installation is no easy project. Careful planning is of the essence. You may want to hire a reliable, qualified, and seasoned team. We will help you determine the right flooring type that is best suited for your requirement and budget. We install fast and precisely, so you get the perfect results. Call us for your free Flooring Los Angeles quote.

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