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A coastal city located west of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a dreamy getaway place near the sea. You can never go wrong with choosing a seaside place to stay in for a vacation or a permanent abode. Due to the city’s initiative in the past, its economy boomed and the place had become a very popular destination for anyone who is looking for a great vacation time. Santa Monica earned its reputation as a famous resort town owing to the efforts of the city to revitalize its downtown core. Since then, it has attracted many visitors, new businesses, and even residents.

Santa Monica has a very favorable coastal climate. It can get very hot but breezy in the summer and very cold but dry in winter. The city also experiences morning fog especially in May and June due to the phenomenon “May Gray” and “June Gloom”. The sun will eventually shine around noon which makes the city shine and glow before the evening comes. At night, the city stays alive with the nightlife and other attractions or events you can only experience in Santa Monica.


There are plenty of things to do and many places to go in Santa Monica. One of the main activities is going to the Santa Monica beach for a dip or a bathe in the sun. There are also many historical landmarks you can visit just like the pier and the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome; a carousel housed in it is a national historic landmark. There are also numerous museums just like the Santa Monica Museum of Art, California Heritage Museum, and the Angels Attic Dollhouse and Toy Museum. And just like other cities in the state of California, performance arts are important in Santa Monica.

If you are into fitness and would like a nice place to work out, flex your muscles, and enjoy yourself with our gym enthusiasts, Santa Monica is the home of the original Muscle Beach; an open-air gym. Santa Monica’s muscle beach is also a national historical landmark due to its role during the Great Depression. The beach served as a place where acrobats, wrestlers, gymnasts, stunt people, and more gather to, well, work out! It had boosted the people’s morale and encouraged more people to visit and marvel at the athletes and the professionals who were exercising and practicing their routine. Since the location is by the beach, many beachgoers have chosen to hang out in this side of town to enjoy socializing and watching the people work out at the beach.

Despite being nuggets of national history, Santa Monica has become more than just its historic past. The people who came and stayed have made this beachfront city a place worth visiting.


If you are thinking about moving to Santa Monica, you can always count on Pool Santa Monica to add the best thing to have in this sunny city. With the perfect climate for a dip in the pool, our services which include installation of both above-ground and inground pools as well as maintenance can come in real handy.

These professionals have helped thousands of people in Santa Monica and made sure that their homes are all equipped with everything they need for their pools. Apart from the mentioned services above, Pool Santa Monica has a lot of things in store for new residents of the city. Whether you choose to have a typical pool type or have one customized, the experts at Pool Santa Monica can pull it off for you!

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